Child Development

She has worked both in Turkey and abroad and has prepared various projects for the implementation of the program, both for the diagnosis and evaluation of superior and special talented infant and pres…

Evaluation Unit

UNIT OF EVALUATION AND DIAGNOSIS Professor Dr. Necate Baykoç and specialist child development specialists are psychologists who are diagnosed with highly specialized and talented children between the…

Child Education Unit – Group

EDUCATION UNIT EDUCATION OF SUPERIOR AND SPECIAL TALENT CHILDREN Special Talent Weekend Special Group Works It was the first time in Turkey that a group of 4 to 10 people, composed of talented individ…

Child Education Unit – Individual

The physical development of all children and young people is assessed by gender-appropriate scales and tests for their motor, developmental, social and emotional development, cognitive development, mo…

Education of Educators Unit

EDUCATION OF EDUCATORS AND TEACHERS OF SUPERIOR AND SPECIAL TALKED CHILDREN Theoretical and applied knowledge about classroom practices in accordance with the curriculum and the guidance and guidance …

Family Education Unit

Trainings are given to families of gifted children to enable them to identify their children, to understand them, and to be able to respond to their needs. Family education programs are provided for t…

Program Development Unit

PROGRAMS FOR TRAINING PROGRAMS NB Interest and Talent Areas Development Program NB Interest and Talent Areas Development Program Dr. It was developed by Necate Baykoç in 1993 in accordance with the T…

Publications Unit

Family – Children – Teacher Publications Special Needs Children and Special Education It covers the information that all the departments of our universities can benefit from their educatio…

R&D Unit

Project Development and Execution Services Many projects, including the first Turkey European Union project, have been developed about gifted children and projects are being carried out as a coordinat…










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